Why Mauritius?

Mauritius Island

Dreamy Lagoons

Spreading over an area of 2,000 km², Mauritius is known for its stability and social harmony. Its plural society mixtures intelligently culture of the West and the East. This splendid melting pot results in the Mauritian culture, declined with Creole, Indian, Chinese and European influences.
This successful color mix brings furthermore a generous and refined gastronomic cooking coupled to an unforgettable native welcome. Mauritius has the advantage of being a very popular tourist destination. Greatly appreciated by numerous tourists for its paradisiac landscape, the country has succeeded in developing in various sectors over the years, particularly in fields such as agriculture, finance and real estate.
Its strategic geographical position and its direct airline connection have attracted many foreigners to establish residence there. This tiny piece of earth has greatly evolved to become an important platform in the Indian Ocean, offering an agreeable quality of life together with a large window on the modern world.

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