About us

About us


Nu Bazar has been thought in response to the poor visibility which our local/regional merchants are suffering and the lack of management and security from the existing Bazar premises in Mauritius and the region. We are a physical food and retail platform, based in Mauritius, willing to empower the Indian Ocean islands know how and cultural heritage.


Our first project is based in the heart of Curepipe (Mauritius). The location, is strategically positioned next to a Bus and Metro terminal (100k people transiting daily). Nu Bazar will have a reach on the most populated agglomeration of Mauritius, which is Plaines Wilhems, with three hundred thousand people living in its area.


We are willing to enhance merchants’ visibility in the region, versus multinational brands, by providing them the unique opportunity to become owner of their retail unit and entering new domestic markets. Our main developing pillars are Social, Scalable and Financial.


Our vision is to become the leader in local/regional shopping experience in Mauritius in a first step and expand our project and vision to the rest of the Indian Ocean islands on the long run. The project is also promoting the vertical integration of Indian Ocean Islands merchants from direct manufacturing to direct selling. Hence diversifying their businesses operations throughout the region, while staying competitive in price and quality.


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