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Our services

Nu Service

Nu Bazar has teamed up with the best service providers on the island to facilitate your acquisition process.

– Gibson & Hills
– Fund Kiss
– Our Commercial advisor


Nu Promesse

Nu Bazar is committed to its clients. Its motto: the development of their activity in complete serenity. We guarantee you the best spots of our projects. The choice of your project’s place is essential. We have selected just for you one of the best place in Mauritius so that you can maximize your sales and develop your range of clients.
Our Chatbox 6/7 is ready to assist all your requirements!


Nu Syndic

Nu Bazar has made co-ownership of commercial spaces a strategic outline of its client relation. Through this axe, it has taken the engagement to tackle the management of common spaces.
This management strategy helps to maintain Nu Bazar’s daily standing especially that of your commercial space and offers a quality service to the owner



Our unit management expert, handling the commercial unit operation and rental for buyers. In charge of finding and managing tenants while maintaining the unit to house of rules standards.

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